My Background

It's GOOD to be the KING!
Hi, I'm David/Dave. I first started playing Dungeons and Dragons around 1976-77 not long after Dungeons and Dragons first appeared in the midwest gaming circles.  

I asked my grandmother for the basic box set for Christmas one year and was happy to find my request granted! Unfortunately, soon after the "Demons and Devils Scare" was going around the community. I was asked by my grandmother if she could have the game back or exchange the gift, but by that time it was too late and I didn't want to give it back. So I was allowed to keep the game.  I believe, a big part of being allowed to keep the game was the fact my parents and grandmother saw that the game had a positive influence on me, increasing my reading and math skills, well beyond what was considered to be normal for children at that age. 

Since my "formative years" I've been playing role playing games in one form or another. I'm also a big fan of board games, pc games, console games, collectible card/miniature games, miniature combat games, and the list goes on and on. If its a game, I'll play it! 

Over the years I managed to accumulate a large collection of gaming materials and experiences. I have also created many items and accessories to enhance my and my friends gaming experiences.  I'll be sharing these projects with you on d4d6d8d10d12d20, and I hope you'll share your own with me and the rest of the gaming community.

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