Monday, March 11, 2019

FREE : CCG Sorting Box Made from Foam Core Laser Cutter Plans

So I found this file on thingiverse, by BTSculptor . However his file doesn't include how to build the box, is a bit cluttered, e.g,  has an extra piece that is'nt needed.  After testing it out, after sorting, getting the cards out can be tricky as there is no finger slot.  So I added in a finger slot, and organized the file a bit.   This sorting box should be able to handle most regular ccgs sizes, like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, etc., with and without card sleeves.

I used a laser cutter, but you could do this with a vinyl/craft cutting machine like the cricut or cameo machines, or even just print out the pieces you need and glue them to the foam core, or cardboard.

You can fine my.svg file here:

The blue line is a score and on my glowforge the settings I used were 200 speed 25 power.  This cuts through the top layer of the paper and into the foam but not the backing paper forming a hinge.

The rest of the lines should all be set for a cut operation, which on the glowforge is 200 speed and 60 power.  This will give you a good clean cut and minimal charring.

You'll need one short piece, 3 divider pieces, 2 edge pieces, and 4 card slot hinged pieces.

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Here is how to build the box...

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Top Secret: New World Order - The Espionage Roleplaying Game, ITs BACK! WOOT!

So I've been trying to cut down on the number of kickstarters I've been doing lately, so much that I only have one left (a 3d resin phone based printer the ONO).   But when I saw this post I had to back it!  You can find it on Kickstarter here: Top Secret: New World Order - the espionage roleplaying game by Merle M. Rasmussen!!!

I have most of the modules and all of the editors of the original Top Secret Game made by T$R (TSR) back in the day and loved playing the game, I've even used their combat matrix for martial arts/unarmed combat in a few other table top games.  It was a fun system and was one of the few that made you feel as if you were a "real" spy.  I'm glad to see it getting rebooted.   I've tried a few of the other systems for espionage rpgs when the d20 system was released, but none ever caught my attention like the original Top Secret! 

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Whoa! Gary Gygax's FBI File Is An Interesting Read!

Apparently the FBI had a file on our beloved DM of yore, Gary Gygax!  Over at Reason.com they have an article about, with a snippet of Gary's FBI file(shown after the break), which was originally obtained using the freedom of information act request by journalist CJ Ciaramella:

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Review Of The Pathfinder & Q-workshop Metal RPG Dice Set

The TL;DR of this article... "After getting these dice would you buy them again?" In short, No!  No, I wouldn't! (Read on to see why!)