Monday, November 2, 2020

Fall In Love With Flash Point: Fire Rescue Board Game Free Find On Craigslist

I recently was able to grab some great finds in the "for sale/free" section of craigslist for my area.  A very nice individual near me offered up a few games for free.  Here is one of the finds:

From BoardGamingGeek:

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a cooperative game of fire rescue.

There are two versions of game play in Flash Point, a basic game and expert game.
In both variants, players are attempting to rescue 7 of 10 victims from a raging building fire.
As the players attempt to rescue the victims, the fire spreads to other parts of the building, causing structural damage and possibly blocking off pathways through the building. Each turn a player may spend action points to try to extinguish fires, move through the building, move victims out of the building or perform various special actions such as moving emergency vehicles. If 4 victims perish in the blaze or the building collapses from taking too much structural damage, the players lose. Otherwise, the players win instantly when they rescue a 7th victim.

The expert variant included in the game adds thematic elements such as flash over, combustible materials, random setup, and variations on game difficulty from novice to heroic. The game includes a double sided board with two different building plans and several expansion maps are available.

Flash Point : Fire Rescue sounds like really fun game! FP:FR is a co-op game similar to pandemic,  albeit a bit simpler.  Playing in the basic mode might be best for younger children, introducing the board gaming hobby to newbies, or just a solid game for family game night.

Players: 2-6
Play Time: 45min
Age: 10+
Weight/Complexity: 2.5 out of 5
Rank on BGG: 333

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