Friday, May 28, 2010

Bow Of The Ages

The orc chieftain pried the bow from the fingers of the dead rangers body. The bow crackled with electrical energy up and down its bow string, it made the chieftain jump back slightly.  Only moments ago this bow unleashed bolt after bolt of electrified terror upon himself and his people.  It was by shear luck that his throwing axe caught the ranger square between the eyes, killing him outright!   The Chieftain's body guards already were dragging the human corpse toward the stew pot.  His people would eat well tonight! As the orc chieftain began to experiment with the bow trying to unleash its power as the human had, something caught the orc's eye near the grip...

The chieftain was amazed to see lines forming, forming to create an image into the wood and metal!  The image that formed was that of an orc with an out stretched arm, an axe flying end over end through the air, and crushing the head of a human wielding a bow, a bow similarly shaped to the one he held!  The chieftain realized what he was looking at it was the final blow where he killed the ranger!  Images similar to the his own moved and shifted along the bows shaft growing smaller and smaller until they disappeared into the ornate curved tips at each end of the bow.  
The orc leader stood there in amazement at the creation of the engraving.  He failed to notice the ranger had returned and was covered in fresh orc blood. It was the rangers ring of regeneration that had brought him back from the dead and the blood belonged to the orcs bodyguards who were unsuccessful in putting the ranger into the stew pot.  
The orc leader then again saw lines forming near the grip as he lay on his side slowly bleeding to death and only then did he realize that the other images adjacent to his own were of the same figure being killed over and over only to appear again killing the foe who vanquished the ranger.  The final image the orc chieftain saw was that of a human ranger slipping a long blade into the back of a orc holding a bow.  The ranger then picked up his bow looked quickly at the grip and said, "Well its not my best side, but I guess I don't really have a choice!"

4th Edition DnD Version

4th Edition - Printer Friendly Version

3rd Edition DnD and Pathfinder Version

3rd Edition DnD and Pathfinder Printer Friendly Version

You can print these out then fold in half and insert them into a standard mtg clear card holder! I'd recommend that you save the pics to your hard drive then print them out, printing from the browser can alter their size. Print at 300dpi if you can.  I've included the Single Front and Single Back Cards Below:

For use with Both!

4th Edition DnD Version

3rd Edition and Pathfinder RPG Version

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