Monday, May 31, 2010

Build Your Own Hyper Pulse Generator (model)!

Build A HPG Station
Today's post is of a build I did for a recent Classic Battletech game which takes place in 3028.  Video of the entire build after the jump...

To give you a quick overview of the situation, the merc company hired by House Steiner is on garrison duty on a far flung world bordering the Periphery and the Draconis Combine.  It is a pretty backwater planet and the planet only broadcasts to the HPG Network infrequently(monthly or every 3 months).

Extinct Volcano Mountain-top
HPG Station Location
After some initial battles, which the merc garrison troops were on the loosing end, it was found out that "the Baron" was working with pirates to harass and drive out the garrison troops and cause shortages in goods and necessities in hopes that the populace rise up and secede from House Steiner to either the Draconis Combine or become an independent world amongst the Periphery Kingdoms.  A Steiner Advisor was sent to aid the merc garrison troops as they were a "green" unit and House Steiner was wavering in their hiring of this unit after the losses suffered at the hands of the pirates.  However the first skirmish with the pirates after the advisor arrived, the advisor was killed by the Baron!  The Baron strode into the fray with his custom 100 T Atlas Mech and thought he had the merc garrison troops at his mercy!  It was 
then the baron was killed as he tried to flee, with back to back headshots to his Atlas! (The baron's atlas was actually one hex from going off the map and escaping! It was an awesome set of shots!) The victory went to the merc garrison troops!  

So for this scenario it turns out that battle with the baron was holovideo'd, and the supporters of the baron and the Pirates heavily edited a copy, thus spinning the killing of the baron and the advisor as if our heroes were the actual murders and the baron was not a turncoat!  So the "race" between the merc garrison troops and the pirates to the HPG station was ON!  Now the HPG rested on a extinct volcano mountain top with only a winding road snaking to the sumit, and whom ever got their first and transmitted their side of the story were going to be the victors!

So for the scenario I decided to build a HPG Station and a Control Building(which will be another posting at some point).  I did some searching online for some papercraft models of and came across the JPL CIT Paper Scale Models Website and specifically the Deep Space Station Atenna which is perfect for a HPG Station.  With a little work in a graphics program I added some comstar logos to the inner portion of the dish (the three little black streaks along the edge near the center portion.)  It was a fun little build and after a little coloring in and edging with some markers (you could do so ahead of time in the graphics program) you can get a nice looking, and moving, HPG Station perfect for any classic battletech game!
Some of the tools I used were
  • 110 lb weight cardstock
  • HP Color Laser Jet 3600n
  • Scotch Photo-safe Clear Glue
  • Precision Scissors
  • Lg and Sm Snap Blade Utility Knives or Box Cutters
  • A circle cutter (from 1/4 in. to 7 in. type)
  • Sm Metal Square
  • Lg Metal Straight Edge or Ruler
  • Low Melt Hot Glue and Gun
  • Primisacolor Markers (grey 60%/90%, black)
Here are the video(s):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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