Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glowing Dreams In A Gamma World

As I mentioned in the 1st post on d4d6d8d10d12d20, I've played most other RPG's and other board games and will likely comment on some of my favorite ones here from time to time.  A number of months ago I purchased Fallout3 but never played it.  I knew it would take up all my time when I did, but couldn't pass up the deal they had on Steam.  So there it sat waiting, taunting me to play it.  Until this weekend.  Feeling a bit burned out on the various fair that's been keeping my time occupied I decided to dive in.

Fallout3 is a post apocalyptic 50's styled era where the aftermath of a unforeseen nuclear war has caused a portion of mankind to take shelter underground.  A few of these shelters or "vaults" were purported to be opened after the war ended and the surface was again habitable, but one special vault, the one you are born into, literally, is set to never open and humanity is to continue on unspoiled. Its a neat way to start a RPG and run through a tutorial from infant to teen to young adult and finally adult hood. Now you're given a job via the G.O.A.T, and the Overseer is to be obeyed at all cost.  Don't worry I've not included anything further on the game, so as not to spoil anything for those, who like me, haven't played the game yet.

So far its a great game very engrossing and I'm enjoying playing it.  Of course now I'm longing to again play in or GM a Gamma World game.  It has been over 10 years since I've played in or game mastered a Gamma world game.  After a quick search guess what I found out, yep, Wizards is bringing back yet again the wasteland as of Oct 19, 2010 and its available for pre-order on amazon.  Now...

I've always loved the post apocalyptic genre. As a kid of the 70s & 80s with the new fangled technology of "cable"  for our tube tv, all they seemed to play was mad max, road warrior, etc.. Hmm now i think about it they also played lots of Conan, Excalibur, Sword and the Sorcerer too!  I've cracked my where my love of RPG's come from! HeHe, I kid I kid, kinda.

Actually It was also the time of the apple IIe/c and the game "Auto Duel" and the board game/rpg Car Wars!  Later on, I don't recall the door game title, but back in the days of bbs's there was a door game set in a post apocalyptic future and you scavenged for survival, gear, metal, etc. Trade occurred with other players and towns and then you built a secluded fortress out in the wilderness/wastes and set your self defense traps and sentry bots.  

It was also a fun game, for a door game, in that you were limited to a number of turns per day to do a number of functions and each day you would get a security report from the previous day.  The report would list other scavengers attempts to breach your defenses and their deaths for the unlucky few that came across the sentry robots.  So yep I love me some mutant, zombie, hell on earth rapture type of rpg.  Must be the reason I like those aweful survival shows on Discovery!

A few years ago when Amazon had a clearance sale on the d20 Gamma World editions and I quickly snapped them up along with any other accessories, modules, etc.  It was a real boon, similar to how I got my Stargate SG-1 RPG (only missing one book now - the living gods softcover book so if you've got one let me know!)  I poured over the books and source material and thought of the campaign I would create for a playgroup.  The d20 was very similar to the d20 Modern rules along with a few tweaks taken from the Star Wars d20 RPG.  Which I enjoyed both of those rule sets, of course with a bit of tweaking.

I played in a Star Wars campaign my friend Jim ran a few years back when it first came out, it was very similar to 4th Edition DnD, and it was a fun game, it only ended when one of the players refused to continue after his player character was killed in battle by a droid, and shortly thereafter we moved building locations for work (where we played) and another player moved to Texas.  I enjoyed playing my scoundrel and was trying to outfit a stolen starship with a slightly different class and model number.  I know a tad bit cliche but I wanted to be a Han Solo type and I was!

I'm curious if anyone else has actually played the d20 Gamma World and if it worked out well for your group.  I'm also curious if anyone plans on picking up the "DnD 4th Ed" Gamma World Game set to be released on Oct 19th, 2010.  Of course if anyone has any suggestions with an updated conversion of their own, I'm always looking for source materials for future games.  Hopefully at some point I can convince my playgroup to tryout a version of Gamma World.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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