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The Unusual Suspects - Rogues Gallery Feature

I was always a fan of the "Rogues Gallery" which was chocked full of interesting characters to either use as PC's in a pinch or to use as colorful NPC's / Villains to spice up your encounters.  I enjoy Kenzer Co's Good, Bad, and Ugly section of the KODT magazine/comic, and I figure I should include some of my own creations on here.  So here is my version of the Good, The Bad, The Ugly called The Unusual Suspects!  Click on the images below save em to your HD, and set your printer to 300 dpi. The first is a half sheet of 8x10 paper for use with 3rd Edition and Pathfinder RPG, and the Second is a 2.5 x 3.5 playing card size that you can fold up and slip into a mtg clear card holder.  It looks like Wizards really simplified the familiar in 4.0 Dungeons and Dragons, which btw the rules for familiars is in the Arcane Powers Book.  So that's how I was able to use the smaller form factor. So without further ado I give you:

Pieroe (pronounced Pyro) -  The Zombie Homunculus!

Continue reading after the jump for a little background on this unusual familiar
The campaign I currently run was originally run by a good friend of mine named Dan.  Dan is currently attending college in Oregon but was originally living and going to college in Santa Cruz.  

The deal with Pieroe is one of the members who played off and on was a fellow named Chris.  He wanted a ranger that could blow stuff up at a distance. Think Bo and Luke Duke with Dynamite strapped Arrows!  The character was transfixed by anything fire related and our group had a bad habit of setting places afire everywhere we went (hey we're/they are evil characters after all!) So initially he character was kind of a groupie of sorts following the "fire" around the lands. Eventually he met up with our merry band of fire starters and was included in the mayhem.

Pieroe took particular joy when the plan was hatched in one game session to set ablaze this innocent town, who's only source of water was a zombie plague infested river along the towns edge, to distract the town guards so that my rogue character could attempt to break the other characters out of jail.  With methodical accuracy his archer set ablaze the town and nearby forest laughing maniacally firing arrow after arrow into buildings and trees!  Then his character watched with glee the townsfolk attempt to extinguish the blaze by creating a bucket brigade from the zombie plague infested river! Braaaainssss!  The town folk didn't last long at all.  

Well that's how Pieroe got his name really, the unfortunate accident which killed his character was one of those instances where he couldn't make it to the game a few times in row and others were running his character, yep you can see how this is going to end.  Turns out the group found themselves in a pickle and we're fighting a Balor, yah a flip'n Balor!  Well to make matters worse the mage broke this unknown staff upon the floor as a last resort to save our behinds  and released another Balor!  Luckly for us, kinda, the two decided to battle over who had the right to kill us.  We continued to attack one vs the other thinking that hey if we can kill one and the other if close to death might be able to be taken out or at least negotiated with it!  

Well turns out the two fought like mad dogs and one killed the other setting off the explosion that happens when Balor's die!  This is how Pieroe met his end.  The person playing him had him in the middle of the group firing arrows while climbing all over the Balors (think Legolas and the cave troll).   He was unfortunately caught between the two when they exploded and everyone but Pieroe made it out either via teleport, or other quick means of egress.  So Pieroe died, charred to a nice crispy golden brown. GB&D.  The group investigated the area and only found remains, which Mento the Wizard/Necromancer scooped up and put into our bag of holding...

Chris wasn't able to join us again until Dan went to Oregon and I took over the campaign and we switched to pathfinder.  Chris wondered what happened to his character but didn't mind much when we told him about the situation because that is how Pieroe would have liked to go out Chris thought, in a blaze of glory!  He still wanted to play a ranger/archer who could blow stuff up so we created a new character for him and determined it was Pieroe's brother Nitro in search of his lost brother.  However in the meantime Mento decided he wanted a familiar and was tinkering with the "goodie bag" and ended up creating a familiar out of the remains of Pieroe. Mento keeps the little guy in a magical ring and only brings him out on special occasions, so far.  Nitro hasn't seen Pieroe yet, and I'm not sure he will, but it'll be a fun role playing session if Nitro finds out that his lost brother is a homunculus doing the bidding of the party's necromancer! Mwhahaha!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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