Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make Your Own Resin Water Tiles! - Part 1

A Few Of The First Water Tiles I Made
After the jump is the first video, in which will be a series of videos, showing you how to create your own clear or colored tinted resin water tiles for a fraction of the cost of the commercially produced water tiles from companies such as dwarven forge.  While there is nothing wrong with the dwarven forge tiles, and they have some awesome stuff and I would love to own a number of sets, my budget does't really allow for such extravagances at this time. A plain water tile from dwarven forge can run you $15.00($12.00ish if you get a whole set) their tiles are also 4x4 in and 1/4 in deep.  For comparison I recently made 16 deep water ocean tiles for around $1.50 or $2.00 each if you include the epoxy resin for the wavy pattern on top.  Also my tiles were 5x5 in and 1/4 deep but since you're making them you can make them in any size you need.  It just takes a bit of time and workbench area.

I initially made the tiles pictures above for use with my  large velcro board setup.  The tiles pictured are actually 3x6 in for the river/sewer banks and the middle deep water area is 6x6.  As I stated earlier I made some additional water tiles using the ocean/lake tile sheet I posted recently and standardized on 5x5 1/4 in for the deep water tile.  I did so because the velcro board then will hold 16 water tiles exactly.  
The video below shows the end product of the making of the sewer/underground river tiles.  The next few posts will be about the tools, the resins I use, and mistakes I've made which you can certainly learn from.  I also post some pictures of the 16 5x5in deep ocean water tiles that I made.  I made them for when my players go on a oceanic voyage or become pirates on a lake or other similar body of water.   The new tiles turned out really nice and I made them a deep blue color, its one of the reasons I created the ocean or lake tile water tile sheet.  I'll post the underground river sewer tile set after this series is done as well.  

You can also use these tiles with the dwarven forge tile sets, if you have them, or your hirst art molds constructs.  These will even work with wotc dungeon tiles however unless you mount those tiles on foam core or some other materials you might have some vertical alignment issues as the wotc tiles are about 1/8 thick.  
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