Thursday, July 22, 2010

Make Your Own Resin Water Tiles! - Part 4

In my the previous post on creating water tiles which can be found here , I gave you an overview of the resins I used.  In today's  video, after the jump, you'll a basic mold and a pour of two river bank tiles with some discussion of the use of mylar sheets to get an ultra smooth non tacky cast from the Clear-Lite casting resin. (Note: The easy cast the technique is the same but you don't have to use the mylar)

Again, The resin that I recommend is called Easy Cast Epoxy Resin. This resin is a 1 to 1 mix ratio of resin to hardener.  I found it to be the most forgiving and the results are near perfect every time.  The only drawback that I see is it takes a full 24 hrs to cure so this is certainly not a speedy product.  Also they recommend if pouring very thick projects, say you're making your own gelatinous cube, that you should pour in no more than 6 oz. at a time.  This resin has yet to produce a reaction between the resin and the 5 min epoxy I use to create a wave like pattern on top of the tiles (next video).  You can see the result of four of the tiles I made using the easy cast resin in the above picture.  I used my deep blue ocean / lake print out for the underlying base and instead of a blue green dye mixture in the video i just used 8 drops per 4 oz of resin to get a nice deep blue transparent color.  Those tiles aren't "finished" as I need to trim the edges a bit with a utility knife and then apply the 5 min epoxy for a wave pattern.  You could also leave them "as is" for a dead calm water or underground spring lake.

I Wouldn't Recommend This
Product At This Time
As seen in the video I show how to use and cast using the clear-lite casting resin.  While the product does have its uses its a bit too much of a pain in the butt compared to the easy cast resin.  The clear-lite is dependent on a number of factors to work properly, though you can cast this product in thicker batches, It just seems like the effort to "make it work" outweighs the benefits to in creating some water tiles.  It is indeed cheaper to use, but if you buy in bulk (1 gal) you can get the easy cast resin for $50 bucks or cheaper and that amount will produce 32 5x5 in. 1/4 in thick tiles. 
Well here is the video showing myself working with the clear-lite and some of the pit falls of using the product:

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