Monday, August 23, 2010

My Interwebs is Down! Then Up! AT&T Sucks!

I have DSL service through AT&T (Formerly SBC).  I've been trying to stay within a budget of under $30 dollars a month for access.  I was originally paying about 23  bucks but at&t keeps hiking up the rates and requiring first I have a physical phone line with a phone number, which then I was able to ditch and only pay 19.99 at one point but then now required again to pay for a phone line just so my bill comes in under 30 bucks instead of paying the $33 bucks the service was going to now start charging.  So after about three weeks of going back and forth with reps, supervisors, etc, my bill was again supposed to be only 26 bucks a month but require again a physical phone line/number.  The bright side was some promotion they put me on actually increased my service speed, or so they said.  I originally had just basic DSL service 1.5 mbps download 384 mbps upload, which the promotion was supposed to double those speeds, which it did for about 4 days.  

Last week my DSL went out completely for a day.  I called and the service reps indicated that there was an "outage", but no details, and it should be fixed between 48-72 hrs.  Around Friday the service came back up for about an hr or two, then went offline again, then back up.  Its been intermittent for good 3-4 days now.  When it is back up the speed is horrible, just horrible.  When I run a speed test via speedtest.net I get 0.20 mbps download and 0.10 mbps upload.  I really can't do much, video is so choppy its agravating, trying to post articles is a pain as I'll be finishing and then only to find out the connection is again down and so it only saved about 1/3 of the article.  

So that's what I've been doing and why there haven't been any updates in a bit.  (Not even sure if this one will make it) but I've been modeling/sculpting a bit and documenting a few "how tos" for you all to view once AT&T gets its shit together or I get to the point where I switch entirely. As this is still going on.  So far I've refused to be one of "those guys" down at the starbucks (i hate coffee anyways) who brings his whole office and sets up shop in the corner.

Anyways.   Did DM/GM a session of dnd again this weekend and it was another good session with my players exploring a demi plane of air and their trying to get around here and there on some pteranodons then upgraded to griffon's and then had to convert those mounts to undead mounts as the wizard of the realm took issue with outsiders controlling his "pets" and decided to kill them instead of letting the party use them. Hehe.  Good times.

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