Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you ready to ROC!? Tricked out D&D Bus!

All bad roc puns aside the D&D Bus was created by WOTC for the PAX event earlier in Sept. It's got the sweet old skewl artwork from D&D back in the day. (click on pics to embiggen) Here a snip it of what could be had at the bus:

On the corner of 9th and Pine (just around the corner from the convention center) lies a carriage festooned with the fell images of monsters. Here be swag, D&D celebrities and general revelry. Jones Soda will be giving out samples all weekend. And you may also earn a coveted ticket to the Acquisitions, Inc. live D&D game! So come down Friday-Sunday to relive the adventure... all weekend long!

That's a pretty sweet ride!  How cool would it be to be employed by WOTC to drive that thing around the country, similarly like the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile, and teach people D&D for a career!  AWESOME! :D

Although I couldn't make it to PAX I'm totally wishing that WOTC will roll this out at other conventions to generate a buzz for their new D&D essentials line.

Now for one more pic!

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