Saturday, September 18, 2010

FREE - Bookcase Paper Model

bookcase for rpg's
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Hey Everyone, I whipped up this papercraft model last night for use in today's dnd/pathfinder game. Actually I've made a bunch of em! My players have found a "library of sorts" and I needed a papercraft model to elaborate the "stacks" of the library.  I did the usual google search for something that was already available, but I didn't like any of them I found or was unwilling to purchase a .pdf just for a bookcase model.  So I loaded up the graphics app, created a box shape, and found some source material, and applied a few filters and brushes and wa-la, the book case you see before you.  I've included the .jpg below for your building pleasure to use in your own role playing games.  The top shelf are normal books, the second shelf is for scrolls and other parchment rolled up, and the third is a collection of small drawers for specialty storage or components!

The model size is 3 in. x 2 in. x 1 in. and at 300 dpi.  Print it out on some 110 lb card stock and use either regular white glue or hot glue to construct.

Papercraft Bookcase
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