Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrity D&D Game At Gen Con 2010

Yes this is from 2010 not 2011.  We're still all waiting for those videos to appear.  Apparently this is something I missed the first time it was posted to the Wizards of the Coast youtube channel dndwizards. I also gather that many of you might have missed it too, so I've compiled the videos here for you to view at your leisure.   

The videos are after the jump, are of a game of Dungeons and Dragons played gaming celebrities Ed Greenwood creator of The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Larry Elmore artist of Snarfquest; also Dragonlance Campaign Setting, Bob Salvatore author of the Dark Elf Trilogy including many others staring Drizzt Do'Urden, and DM'd by none other than the DM to the "stars" Chris Perkins!  

Wow, that's some line up!  Also as you'll see three lucky guests from the audience get to roll the funny multi-sided plastic dice alongside these fantasy illuminaries. (Illuminaries or Illuminati?!)

The encounter itself revolves around the release of the "new" red box, or should I say just after the events of the red box.  Chris Perkins created an adventure that was given as a handout at the event and takes place just after the completion of the adventure in the "new" red box.  

If you would like to DM the encounter you can find and download via this link here.  (If you want to play this adventure then you might want to skip the videos as it would then contain spoilers, so to speak, and certainly don't download and read through the adventure, just forward the link onto your DM).

Here are the videos:

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