Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY - Table Top Projector Gaming System And Videos!

Over at Robotguy.net, there is an article on how to create a gaming surface on the cheap, well sort of.  By implementing a simple table lamp clamp, a mirror, some hot glue along with a ceiling projector(but i'm guessing any projector will work) and a laptop.  

You can project overland maps, skirmish maps, or anything that your imagination can think up!  Considering that most of us have the majority of these items, it should be a fairly cheap and modifiable addition to your gaming setup.  This would also work for board games too!  You could scan in all of your gaming boards such as Formula D, Powergrid, Catan, etc., into your computer and project those onto the gaming surface.

I've seen other other setups, most notably the various Microsoft Surfaces DnD demos, along with this thread on rptools.net on how to build your own Microsoft Surface "like" table.  Most of these builds use a modified Wii remote, projector, IR sensors, and pointers to track figures for characters, monsters, etc. 

Check out the videos below of two awesome setups of diy solutions:

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!