Monday, June 4, 2012

Gaming With A Projector - Part 1

It begins!  I've been wanting to get this project, using a projector in various gaming situations, up and running for quite some time now, and I finally bit the bullet and picked up some hardware. 

I have a netbook that I'll be using to run most of the software directly and vnc'ing into it to move grids/maps etc.  The first itteration is to just get something to project a hex or grid pattern on top of the tabletop so i can still use my own terrain, nothing interactive like the videos below is planned as of yet.  

I also think i'm going to mount it directly above the play table or use a combination of my bookcase and a angled mirror to project the game onto the table top. The projector I have has minimal distance of 33 inches and that's just a bit above the bottom of the glass tabletop I currently have.  I plan to document the process with images/video and when I get the info completed I'll be posting them here.

Here are a few similar videos of "what could be"! 

*high pitched voice, "in the year 2000!" hehe.

Bonus Videos of Johnny Lee's Low-Cost Multi-Touch Whiteboard and Microsoft Surface 2 Demo Video after the jump...

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!