Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Video : Secrets of TSR

Durring the 2012 PaizoCon there was a panel with a few of the old timer TSR folks that revealed a bit of crazyness that was TSR back in its heyday all the way up to the bitter end.  Speakers are Jeff Grubb, Pierce Watters, Rob Lazzaretti, Dave Gross, Wolfgang Baur, Stan!

Some interesting tidbits from the video:  

Lorraine Williams, now owner after buying blume brothers shares and pushing out Gary, reportedly said she would rather sell TSR to her arch rivals Wizards of the Coast than let then TSRs book manufacture take over the company because of past debts to the said manufacturer.

Lorraine also had the entire initial shipment of Dragon Dice essentially overnighted via air cargo to GenCon.  When the game immediately sold out upon making a new order and trying to get a better price per unit ordered 1,000,000 SETS!  (Dumpsters were reported to be filled with product at one point Sean K. Reynolds eat your heart out!)

Lorraine, back in the day, insulted a young James Cameron. James wanted to do a dnd movie but he didn't want to direct the movie and instead wanted Stan Winston to direct the film.  Lorraine was miffed that James didn't want to direct the movie and he wanted a "technical" person to do so. As a result we're stuck with the craptastic Legacy that is the D&D film franchise.  Also apparently the people who have the rights will retain the rights as long as they continue to meet milestones like submit a script, etc.  So we're likely to see crap film No.3 soon.

When consolidating expenses, a shipping container that Wizards had been paying for over the years was found to be intact and from the TSR days, once cracked pristine product from the "golden era of gygax" was found.  1st Ed DMG's, Player's Handbooks, etc.  Most of the DnD staff got to pick through it, then it went to further people at Wizards, the remainder is said to be going to be auctioned off at GenCon this year and all proceeds to be awarded to the Gygax Memorial Fund.

To find out more great details and funny stories check out the video below:

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