Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Deities And Demigods ; Zak's Awesome Take On A Classic!

So over at the blog "Playing D&D With Porn Stars" (need I mention its NSFW?), Zak, artist, published author, porn star, and of course DM Extraordinaire, has an article up on why you should be using the classic book Deities And Demigods of 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons in ALL of your campaigns.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Let's take a look at the entry for a god we all know......the principle here is: the characteristics of the faith reflect the characteristics of the deity.
So, you pack of mewling quims, take a look at about 3/4s of the way down where it says "Cleric/Druid", "Fighter", "Magic User/Illusionist", etc.
These are actually the chances that a given cultist of Loki will be a member of that class. You start with the highest and work your way down until you get one. So, the highest level is illusionist, and there's a 20% chance. Roll roll...nope. Now we move to assassin--15% chance...roll roll...nope, then Cleric, Druid and Ranger, roll for each in a random order...aaaand bing this Loki cultist is a ranger. If you get no results that means the cultist is an unlevelled schmuck.
This fits the pattern in the book: more powerful gods have more classes and more levels and, therefore, their cultists tend to be classier and more various. 

He's got more goodness about how you can use the book for various purposes, such as rolling up cultists on the spot, how strong a god's pull is in a certain area of a world is, etc.  Its an excellent article all around and one worth bookmarking, or printing out, to have at hand for your next dnd session.

Zak's also the author of Vornheim : The Complete City Kit and for a mere 5 euros you too can own the .pdf masterpiece!

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