Monday, January 5, 2015

Card Games : CAH - Ten Days or Whatever Kwanzaa : Day Eleven!? Wait, What?! And A Puzzle!

So you're back? Why? Oh right day Eleven!? of "Ten Days or Whatever  Kwanzaa" from the (good/deranged/immoral) people over at Cards of Humanity huh?  (day ten here)

As you can see the great lizard uprising DID/DOES take place so you better begin your prep'ing now people! However today's swag is a chronicle of many of the glorious emails the CAH customer reps have been sent by customers over the years and the CAH reps response.  Its a awesomely funny read, especially for someone who's worked in an industry where they've had to deal with "the public" at large.  I'm not going to include any of those mails here, as you should seek out this little book of pure gold so you can enjoy it in person and with friends! :) 

Now what about this puzzle business.  Initially I was going to do a write up about the hidden puzzle code that was/is supposedly contained within the "Ten Days or Whatever Kwanzaa", and was completely surprised at by the day 11 gift! (Thanks CAH!)  However since Day one there has been an underlying "puzzle" to solve. What this puzzle was/is was also to remain hidden, in that only clues gleamed from the daily gifts along with clues from the puzzle website along with perhaps clues from the original bullshit website would thing reveal a final prize!  

So, after doing some initial investigations, and then giving up, thus resulting to the quickest of google searches, I found the following reddit thread...

The Puzzle Has Been Solved!

Apparently there is a safe on Hawaii 2! Yes a SAFE, we're talking one of those man-sized safes that big ole Dick Cheney had three of in his office as vice prez.  There is a whole discussion here on the safe!

Check out the images of the intrepid explorers who made the trek to the hawii 2 island and discovered the safe! (credit goes to imgur user Old Yellow and friends)

The accounting of the travels to and actual unlocking of said safe is documented by one Michael Andersen here.

Enough already Geraldo! What's in the safe!!!...

photo by reddit user safecracker5
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photo by twitter user Paul Rand
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Inside the safe? A letter confirming this was the end of the line, a bottle of Loki Scotch (a distillery right around the corner from where Cards Against Humanity’s creators went to high school), a set of 12 Cards Against Humanity cards saying “Being the crazy person to open the safe”…and 250k Cards Against Humanity cards prominently featuring the face of a sloth for anyone with the combination interested in checking out their own personal square foot of land, paying off the multiple “sloth” references along the way.
So apparently I'm entitled to one of those sloth cards, if I can make my way to the hawaii 2 island, find the "cabin" and then unlock the man-sized safe!  

Or, from what I hear, the peeps who went there have something possibly in the works trying to figure out a solution to get those who can't make the journey, one of the cards in the stash, or so the tale goes.  

If this happens then I'll certainly post a pic of my card!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!