Wednesday, August 5, 2015

LONPOS 84T Braintelligent - Puzzle Game - Second Hand Store Find!

While at one of my local second hand stores called Savers, I picked up a unique puzzle game that I've not seen before, the box caught my eye first as it was larger than your normal game box, had bright colors, and had which I think was Japanese or Koren script all over it with a english in small print, so certainly a game from a foreign publisher!!!  I poped open the box to find a nicely arranged pyramid.  Yes this is a pyramid, after a few initial searches I'm tired of people proclaiming that "They say its a pyramid but I thought pyramid's were 4 sided!"  Ug.  Read a little why don't you...  Yes this isn't your "classic" pyramid but it still is a tetrahedron which is a pyramid!  This is a 4 sided pyramid, remember there is a bottom! A "classical" pyramids, like the ones in Egypt are 5 Sided actually! *rant done*

The game appears to be able to be played solo, you're trying to solve the various pyramid start positions which start out easy and get progressively harder, or can be played with many people of varying expertise as well handing the play back and forth or around the table.  They have a scoring system which can include handicap between different players with varying levels of expertise.

After some initial searching, it appears the contents were missing a twelve sided die and two six sided ones, which I've easily replaced as I have a plethora of dice of all shapes and sizes.  So while not original complete, close enough for my needs.

Overall I played a few of the solo puzzles and was very much happy for my $5.00 purchase and look forward to playing more of the solo puzzles or challenging my girlfriend to a few matches.  This game very much reminds me of a Blokus 3D type experience/gameplay.  The game appears to be out of stock currently at amazon, and I'm not even sure if its still published.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!