Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Card Games : Cards Against Humanity : Geek and Fantasy Packs! WOOT!!!

Whilst browsing the Cards Against Humanity(CAH) pages I came across two packs that I had yet to include in my CAH collection! The Fantasy Pack and the Geek Pack! Which on CAH's website/store are listed as:
Fantasy Pack
Oh no! Not another fucking elf! It’s the Fantasy Pack, co-written by make-believers Pat Rothfuss, Neil Gaiman, Sam Sykes, Myke Cole, Jacqueline Carey, Martha Wells, Sherwood Smith, Elizabeth Bear, and Wesley Chu. Look at how famous these people are! You basically have to buy this pack now that you’ve read this list.
26 white & 6 black cards that will hopefully be turned into a $300 million film franchise.This is an expansion. Requires Cards Against Humanity.
Geek Pack
There's nothing nerds love more than branded references that they can consume. Remember Batman? What about Firefly? Bazinga!
24 white & 6 black cards about video games, D&D, Game of Thrones, and all the other bullshit you like.
Previously released at PAX East & PAX Prime in 2013 & 2014.
Artist's Edition wrapper by Jessica Paoli.
So I ordered these and shipped them ASAP STAT! Got them last Friday, so lets take a look at what comes in each pack! (pics after the jump!)

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