Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eyes of the Doppelganger

The rogue lay flat on his back, the last swing from the fighter, opposite him, had nearly decapitated him.  "I guess this guy isn't a simpleton after all!", thought the rogue.  The rogue quickly rose to a sitting position only to have the fighter brandishing the well used sword in the rogues face, "Now i'm going to show you WHO not to steal from! You daft twit!", snarled the fighter.  The rogue attempted to reason with the brute by throwing three cabochons at the fighter, "Please take these as payment as well as my apologies for any misunderstanding! Please just spare my life, I beg of you!", pleaded the rogue.  

The fighter looked down upon the whimpering figure and raised his sword readying for the killing blow.  "Stop! Put down that weapon!", heard the fighter...

Quickly glancing out the corner of his eye the fighter quickly surmised the situation and determined that it wasn't the allies of the rogue but the local constabulary who had suddenly surrounded him, the fighter thought it odd how they appeared so quickly!  A few tense moments passed and the order to lower his weapon was issued again by the city guards.  The fighter lowered his sword slowly and in a clearly frustrated manner turned to speak with the captain. "Now look here this theif stole me gold and he's the one you should be taking to the gallows!", pleaded the fighter.  

That moment, the moment the fighters attention was diverted, was all the time the rogue needed to quickly make his way to his feet, slink around to the side opposite the captain of the guards and the fighter.  The rogue then slid deep the two dull blue hued twelve inch long stiletto daggers into the fighter.  One dagger eased into the side of the fighters neck, the other through a neglected seam in the fighters banded mail armor just under the armpit, through the ribcage and lung and up into the heart, delivering the deadly toxin already starting to render the fighter unconscious.

"Stop! Put down that weapon!", the guard captain chimed once again, but this time is the was the rogue whispering in the fighter's ear, as the rogue lay the hulking figure onto the ground.  "You see, the captain and his two friends are the best kind of friends a thief could ask for! They are my no so silent partners." whispered the rogue into the fighters ear as the fighters eyes fluttered closed.  "Stop! Put down that weapon!"...

4th Edition DnD Version

3rd Edition DnD and Pathfinder RPG

You can print these out then fold in half and insert them into a standard mtg clear card holder! I'd recommend that you save the pics to your hard drive then print them out, printing from the browser can alter their size.  I've included the Single Front and Single Back Cards Below:

For use with both!

4th Edition DnD Version

3rd Edition DnD and Pathfinder RPG

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