Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It Begins! Welcome to d4d6d8d10d12d20 !

Have Enough!
Welcome to the inaugural post for d4d6d8d10d12d20 ! This blog is primarly about role playing games, specifically Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder RPG, and the tactical combat simulation game Classic Battletech .  

I've been a player and dungeon master, or game master,   for a wide variety of gaming systems and for a wide variety people for most of my life. So at long last I decided it was time to throw up a blog to show off some of my efforts, as well as offer up some of the tips and tricks I use when playing or DM'ing/GM'ing.  I'll likely talk about my other gaming interests too, but will try to focus on the main three games I listed above.  Just to warn you however though, I do have 280+ board games, enjoy mahjongg and go, and I'm a avid pc/console gamer too! (xbox360 and wii)

My plan, and I've got content queue'd up so it shouldn't be an issue for the first month, is to publish at minimum three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, my own content.  Any other time I'll likley post my thoughts on various other topics or link to other articles at some of the other great RPG blogs out there that i've been following such as Musings of a Chatty DM or Sarahdarkmagic !  Now for some of my work, so to speak:

Its not much, a few seconds each, but hopefully those will serve as a teaser, for anyone reading this first post to take a second look.  They're just Intro and Outro video segments I'm going to be using to bookend my videos which will be published here and at the d4d6d8d10d12d20 youtube channel .  Feel free to share posts using the provided social networking buttons, as well as follow the site using the dice links below the site logo above! ;) Whelp, that's all for now!

I hope you enjoy the site and thanks for dropping by!


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