Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Make Your Own Resin Water Tiles! - Part 5 and Part 5a

In the previous video, Part 4, I showed you an actual pour of resin into a mold some of the molds I used in creating tiles, along with some results and some mistakes when using that Clear-Lite resin.  Like to point out again that the epoxy I've used, and have had no problems with is the Easy Cast casting resin you can find at Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hardware stores, and other craft stores.  

hassle free water tiles
The remaining two videos I show you how to coat the top of your resin tiles with 5 min Epoxy and create that wave pattern or a ripple pattern.  The tile I use  in the video is a tile that was a "mistake", a portent to the hilarity of the other mistake I make in this video when I mix up a little too much resin.  Either way the process is the same with a "good" tile and I'd recommend you only mix up .5 fluid oz or 1 tiles worth of resin at a time.  The second video shows a follow up to my mistake, and how I try to correct the mistake, which I do somewhat.  Eventually I had to do another half coat to blend in the line on the tile (not in the video) but the results are depicted in the 1st post of the series.  This goes to show you however even mistakes can be corrected if  you take the time and learn from them.
Ultimately, however because I was using the Clear-Lite resin, and I can only assume a chemical reaction between the clear-lite resin and the 5 min expoy the tiles are ruined, as the two chemicals caused a crystallizing effect in between the two layers of 5 min epoxy and resin.  I've not seen any of the crystallizing with the easy cast resin which is what I use exclusively for my water tiles.

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You can also find the entire series HERE at the d4d6d8d10d12d20 youtube channel!

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