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SORD by Myth Merchant Press For Pathfinder

FULL DISCLAIMER: The kind folks over at Myth Merchant Press sent along a code for me to download their SORD PF Ref Document from RPGNow for Free because they liked my Pathfinder Character Sheets so much.  This is a quick review of their product.

Hey Everyone, 

As I mentioned in the disclaimer the kind folks at Myth Merchant Press sent along a free copy of their SORD PF pdf document (System Operational Reference Document : Pathfinder) for use specifically with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.  While I did receive the document free, I'll believe in giving readers a unbiased and honest opinion on the product.  So If I think something sucks I'll certainly tell you.  Pleasantly this is not the case with the SORD PF pdf.  The short answer is that the SORD PF Document is a pdf that every Pathfinder DM should own.

The goal of the document is stated right in the preface:
My goal is simple:
Speed combat by at least 15 minutes per encounter.

Looking at the SEARCHABLE pdf, its certainly clear that you could create the same document yourself, that is if you had oodles of time...
 The pdf is a comprehensive collection of charts, tables, diagrams, from the pathfinder role playing game detailing most of the material you would need to reference while running a game.  No more looking up tables or charts on how a skill works or what constitutes as flanking, its all right there at your finger tips.  Its also color coded for quick access, but it also works in black and white too as they also use special icons to differentiate items.

The 38 page pdf retails for $4.95, and in my opinion is the right price point for this product.  It not only saves you time by collecting all the needed info into once place, but it also will save you time in actual running your pathfinder game.  They've got a system to track combat imitative, and most of the info for a particular set of rules has been condensed to fit on one page!  You can even use the document in npc/character creation.

The info you find within the pages of the pdf are exactly what a DM needs to have at his fingertips for questions about rules, skills, etc., on the fly, especially if you've not committed them to heart.  

Where I see this as a vital document, for myself is its a pdf!  I use a laptop/netbook while playing. I can have this pdf up on my laptop and if needed,  I can do a quick query on a item.  More importantly, I can create my own set of pages to insert into my DM screens that I would normally always have up for quick reference.  I use one of those blank and customizable DM screens where you can insert pages into each panel of the DM screen.  If you don't use one of those you could still use a 4th edition or older DM screen or a game screen from another system, print the pages out, and use paper clips or binder clips and secure pages onto the game screen.  Also since its in an electronic format you can use your favorite screen capture program, snipping tool in windows 7 for me, and create custom pages if you so desire!  You could even make custom handouts for your players for their characters!  That fact itself makes it a very useful and valuable resource!

In addition Myth Merchant Press also seems to update the document. Just before I wrote this article they added a few more sections, including one on poison, and I was alerted of the update by email by rpgnow!  I'm not sure if there is a time limit for how long you can get updates but as far as I know I didn't see any limit.  I'll see if I can get an answer from Myth Merchant Press or maybe they can leave the info in the comments section below.

Here is a preview from RPGNOW:

So if you want a comprehensive collection of info that you can absolutely use while running your pathfinder games I would head right over to RPGNOW and pick up the SORD PF from Myth Merchant Press!

If you have other useful resources for Pathfinder, DnD, or Classic Battletech put them in your comments below for all to share!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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