Monday, August 9, 2010

FREE Sky Tile Texture 8in x 10in

Sky Tile 1in. Grid 8in x 10in
300 dpi
Previously I posted a ocean/deep water tile texture for use as battlemat tiles/hexes and had a request for other terrain types.  My home campaign currently just entered into a demi-plane of air which is why I've been making up "elevation markers" and the soon to be posted "Elevation/Depth" Game Board.  So here are the files for the sky tile texture in a 1in grid, 1.5in grid, as well as a heroscape hex outline and heroscape hex vertices in a 8in x 10in full sheet of paper.  Click on the images and save the full size images and print at 300 dpi from a graphic app instead of from the browser. (rest of the formats after the jump)

I'd recommend you print these out on some card stock and either glue them to some foam core board and cut them to your own specifications, or use them under some clear acrylic sheets and then elevate those sheets if needed, you can use books stacked up at the minimum for various elevations.  To add some "flair" you could outline any "tiles" with "pulled" cotton balls for a cloud effect, or for "obstacles" you could use this texture as a "base" and cut an irregular shape out and then glue "pulled" cotton balls out on top of the shape for clouds that provide obsructions from line of sight.
Sky Tile 1.5in. Grid 8in x 10in
300 dpi
Sky Tile Heroscape Hex 8in x 10in
300 dpi
Sky Tile Heroscape Hex Vertices 8in x 10in
300 dpi

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