Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Player Kits

I found this post awhile back and thought it was a great idea!  The post originated on the Heroscapers website  from user winonavampire and he detailed out what a players kit contains for his heroscape games(which can be adapted to dnd/pathfinder or any rpg):

Player Kits:
I wanted to share with you guys something I have had for a while. I am the only one of my gaming group that has 'Scape. I am okay with that because the other guys have their games. I like being able to focus on a couple games so I don't have to buy every game. Anyway, being that I am the one who supplies all fun that is 'Scape, I put together "Player Kits."
They look like this:
They are actually Dentyne Gum Containers that start off like this:
I just peeled all the plastic wrapping off and you get a container like the blank ones you see above.
Lets take a peek into them...
As you can see, there is a bunch of 'Scapey stuff in there.
Here is the contents of each individual kit:
When I am setting up space to play, I set a kit at each seat. That way, everyone has their own set of materials. When the player is finished, they just scoop all their things back into the little jar, close it up and it is ready for the next time to play. I also have a large pool of extra wound counters, in case someone runs out, but 15-20 wound counters in each jar has been plenty so far.
In the case someone needs a special counter (Grenade, Experience Markers etc) those are kept in the individual compartment of the figures that use them. So, the grenade marker is kept in the Airborne Elite compartment etc. When they are done with the marker requirering unit, they just put the counter(s) back with the figs.
Other things I do to make the game easier and flow better:
I have a Reference Binder, which is just a 3 ring binger with top loaders containing every rule rook, scenarios, and the FAQ. (You can kinda see it in the background of the first pic)
Army Cards are kept in a CD Binder separated by General. Obviously commons are stacked together in the same slot. Bonding Squads and Heros are file next to each other, and like units are filed together (All marrow are next to each other, orcs, samurai etc.)
As you can see a pretty slick idea using some tools from around the house.  Depending on how well you know your group you could even customize these containers for each person.  I have a small container with "community dice", though really you should buy a set of your own dice for your character.  These community dice allow my players to grab an extra d6 or 10d6 to use for either back-stabs, fireballs, etc without having to rummage through their collection or ask people for their dice or to sit and roll 10d6 on individual rolls.  So I could see creating a "player kit" for my wizard player and include the extra d6 she needs when casting her fireballs, a few extra d4's for magic missle etc.  For my thief player I could see including a collapsible pen and a mini post it note pad to send me, the DM/GM messages on his alternative activities, etc.  I think that would be a very cool thing to do for players.  Now all I need to do is get rid of all that gum! ;)

If you do this, or have similar ideas I'd love to hear about them!  Feel free to place them in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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