Saturday, April 30, 2011

Self-loading Lego dice tower!

The logo for Lego, and the Lego group.Normally I don't care for "dice towers" in that they usually lack any kind of dice rolling soul.  You pick up some dice place them in the top of one of these things and that all the interaction you have, no flicking your wrist this way or that, no spinning the dice counter clock wise, etc.  It a good system for rolling lots of dice in a pretty random fashion but when your dice misbehaves and rolls poorly who's to blame? You can't blame the tower its has no soul!  If you're going to buy one of those pre built store ones at least put a little heart into it and throw some stickers on the thing or something...


You could make one of these!  A Lego Dice Tower!  While its true there is no user interaction beyond the initial dice into the tray, you do have to admit that its got plenty of soul! Is there anything that Lego's can't do!

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