Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yes, Female Armor Sucks!

Mail byrnie from the Museum of BayeuxThis video is pretty much the conversation that goes on when you get a girl to join your campaign and they start to look at the armor options for females in the various role playing games or female miniatures.

Even though it has gotten better over the years,  I've always been a bit peeved at the illustrators and sculptors for not offering more practical clothing and miniatures for the female gamers out there. 

Now some of the girls I've played RPG's with did enjoy a little skin and sex appeal to their characters, the majority if not ALL, pointed out the absurdity of the "chain mail bikini". In addition not being able to find one mini to their liking that wasn't a busty robed wizard, or a busty elf maiden, or busty halfling serving wench, etc. It would seem that in most of the fantasy game worlds half of the population is running around topless with breast sizes that would make most of southern California blush!  No wonder the number of women playing RPG's is in the minority, sheesh!  Well here is a little video that clearly points out the absurdity of a "chain mail bikini"...

Stay for the ending when the roles are reversed! Woot!

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