Thursday, November 8, 2012

12 Year Old Uses Monster Manual To Help Scientist Dad Test A Hypnosis

Over at discovermagazine.com there is an article about how the 12 year old son of a Scientist dad suggested using the monster manual to test the hypothesis of weather we're actually wired to look for eyes on a individual or if we're looking for the face and just get the eyes for "free" as they're in the center of our face.  This all came about because of a previous paper the dad wrote involved with how we as humans as well as other animals follow the gaze of other animals upon interaction with them.

Be sure to head over and read about their findings, but essentially the son suggested using the monster manual and its many unusual and varied fauna with varied eye and "face" configurations, helped his dad set up a head mounted rig to track eye moment, and then helped with the collection and coding of the data.  Turns out we tend to look for the "center" of an object when a face isn't readily perceived then search out "eyes" wherever they may be.


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