Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Video - 1978 Video Of Red Sonja & The Wizard + Bonus Video

Richard Pini (62) & Wendy Pini (61)
still work'n the conventions!
So here is the 1978 Comic Con performance of "Red Sonja & The Wizard".  This performance is from when both Comic Con and D&D were still in its infancy.  The video was uploaded by Richard Pini, his Wife Wendy IS Red Sonja, and the two of them are the team who brought you the Elfquest comic in the early issues of Dragon magazine.  Wendy's figure back then was rock'n and was she's the perfect Sonja in my opinion with all the conviction and fireworks that Neilson lacked in the movie.  Even at 61 Wendy's still got it!  Check out the video below and stick around for the bonus video after the jump!

Here is some additional Conan love. A fan made a replica of the "Fathers Sword" from the original Conan movie, and it's a real working sword! Damn that's sharp!

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