Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Card Games : CAH - Ten Days or Whatever Kwanzaa : Day One

Ever hear of a this game called Cards Against Humanity? Essentially its a "very" Adult game reminiscent of  Apples to Apples.  

Essentially, a topic card is chosen, and then people throw in their "answers" to that topic.  Whomever's turn it is then decides out of those answers which bests matches up with the topic at hand, based on whatever criteria that person uses is also up to that person, and then the winning card is revealed.  Whoever submitted that answer get the topic card and who ever gets to 10 topic cards first wins! This is the basic game.  For example, the topic is "Babies", cards submitted could be (and i'll be quite tame from what the actual cards ARE!) "annoying", "poop machines", "disease carriers", "stupid", etc.  If i'm the one who is choosing and I choose "poop machines"  then whoever submitted that card will get the "Babies" card as a victory point, if they can win 10 then they win the game!

Now, I've played apples to apples before, and then I played CAH and loved it! It can get really gory/gruesome/raunchy/terrible.  Last Christmas my girlfriend bought me the base set, and I picked up the expansion packs and anything else I could get my hands on.  I was able to get two of the "bigger, blacker, boxes", for storage of course and not just for the hidden card inside! Yep there is a hidden card within the box packaging itself!  This company does these kind of things!  

Which brings me to this article I'm writing.  Every year to celebrate CAH does something on Black Friday and then the during the Christmas season that is usually is the complete opposite of what everyone else does.  This year they shut down their store on Black Friday, I believe last year they sold everything at double the price of retail!

I received an email prior to thanksgiving indicating that this Christmas season they were going to be offering a limited number of their Ten Days or Whatever Kwanzaa this year (limited to 250,000 people that is!) Last year it was Ten Days Of Holiday Bullshit.  After having missed last years offer I jumped right at this one!

Essentially the deal is you sign up and pay $15 bucks, presumedly for shipping mostly, and for ten days leading up to christmas you'll receive in the mail ten (or whatever) gifts in the mail until the end of kwanzaa.

I've already received two days of and will post each day one by one here on the blog.  So lets get this started! (after the jump) :) 

DAY ONE GIFTS(or whatever):

My very own CAH cards! These cards are not printouts, they are full actual CAH cards, I didn't get to pick the sayings or anything. I'm assuming all who signed up will have a set up these! Nice!  My friends are going to have a field day with these cards. (don't forget to stop by soon for Day TWO!)
Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!