Friday, June 27, 2014

VIDEO : Cubicles & Careers aka Papers And Paychecks!

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Here is another take on the 1st edition DM's guide hilarious cartoon called "Paper's and Paychecks" and the idea is that an adventuring group is playing a group of "real world" workers and students in our modern industrial and technological society.

The good folks behind "Fantasy Con" in Salt Lake City, Reserve tickets at http://www.fantasycon.com/tickets.html, did a great job creating and putting their own spin on the comic! (this was originally found by a player of mine and adventuring buddy +Mike Andersen)


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BONUS : Of course this isn't the first time this theme has come up, but I like how the Fantasy Con folks made quick little snippets for each character and used 8 bit music, this last video is still a classic and well done take on the same theme which I originally blog'd about here http://www.d4d6d8d10d12d20.com/2012/03/video-its-new-role-playing-game.html

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