Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kickstarter : Pop-up Miniature Terrain Kits!

I'd like to promote the following Kickstarter : Pop-up Miniature Terrain Kits!

This is great idea from Stonehaven Miniatures, and one I've had in the past, especially once I picked up
a robocraft/silhouette. Unfortunately, I've yet to had the time to explore the idea and flesh things out, the best i've done is create some buildings and other papacraft structures for my gaming needs.  Now I don't have to! There are only 4 days left so go and pledge, I'd recommend going with the .pdf myself if you enjoy creating the kits yourself, but feel free to support them anyway you can!

I normally don't promote kickstarters unless I'm backing them myself, and to do so they have to meet a few criteria: 
  • The idea has to be somewhat unique and well executed.  Oh you've got a cool idea and it'd be great for gaming, but your art skills suck.  Instead of creating the kickstarter with your crappy art skills find an artist and get them to "finish" your project and get it ready for presentation. 
  • The kickstarter has to have a semblance of actually fulfilling their promise in a timely manner. (I'm still waiting on a few kickstarters that its been over a year for something that should have been simple to proceed with once they had their funding, e.g. have everything lined up ahead of time vs he lets start looking for manufacturing and distrubuting AFTER we're funded!)
  • It has to be a good value for the money.  Creating something awesome but have it be way out of proportion to what is delivered just because its kickstarter is idiotic.  Kickstarter is to get an idea out and get a feel for the market, not to do a one time sale of goods.  Also raising the price of something after the kickstarter to an exorbant amount than was was advertised in the kickstarter is also absurd.  Creating something for $10 in a kickstarter and then charging $50 for the same product is crazy. Even more so if there are other similar projects out there that already priced lower!
This certainly meets all of that cretiera, for the .pdf version, and I enjoy making the terrain myself anyways, so having the plans and the artwork is really a great idea and one cheep enough that most gaming groups can afford, not to mention that storing them is going to be a breeze!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!