Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FREE - Papercraft - Short Stubby Building Base 01 - Craftrobo / Silhouette

From the DM's Files
My girlfriend threw away some makeup boxes, which I observed to be sturdy little boxes and I thought could be used for the creation of some nice cityscape terrain or other such terrain for use with any rpg game.  You could even combine various boxes together to get some unique shaped buildings.  So I created a outline of each and added in some areas where you fold to create a nice little "box". This is the first box...  

Resize to meet your gaming needs!

The .svg file for illustrator/craftrobo/silhouette vinyl/paper cutter can also be downloaded and can be thrown into a browser window and printed out on cardstock, recommended 110 weight, so those apps / devices aren't necessarily needed to use the file.

The red areas are the cutting areas, the blue areas are the "fold/score" regions. Apologies to the colorblind users, but you can see that the interiors are the folds/scores and the outer areas are the "cut" lines.  

If using illustrator and the vinyl/paper cutters the file has two layers, a "cut" layer, and a "fold" layer, to make things easy to use with those devices.

The pattern image is left empty on purpose, however you can easily copy paste images on the pattern in any image manipulation application, like photoshop, print out the images and then run them through the cutting device or construct by hand after the fact.  This way you can customize it to your own liking, kind of similar to my other bookcase files you can find here!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!