Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gary Gygax Day!!! Happy Birthday Gary!!!

Today is GYGAX DAY!  Also known as Gary's Birthday 07/27!  Which is apt since on a whim I decided to wear my Dungeons Crawlers T-Shirt today! The power of Gary moves through me!  NAT 20 Baby! In Gygax we trust!

You can get your very own shirt here(no affiliation just passing along the link):

Dungeon Crawlers T-Shirt From Tee Fury "In Gygax We Trust!"

If you enjoy D&D, or playing any role playing games, both tabletop and video games, you might want to contribute to the Gygax Memorial Fund, as Gary was one of the most influential on this genre of gaming along with co-creator Dave Arneson. Both men have since passed away.

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