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Its Christmas in July! I mean Hanukkah in August!  So yah, I'm just now getting around to posting those remaining days of the Cards Against Humanity's Eight Sensible Gifts For Hanukkah, that I was promising all the way back in December of last year!  Cheese and crackers am I lazy! 

Anywho, I've recently got some new stuff for the blog that I need for you all to see but I'd figured I'd better finish the posts from 2015 before I continue on with my Cards Against Humanity Extravaganza! So here they are nights six thru eight! Enjoy!  (Just a fyi, NO MORE SOCKS CAME! WTF!) All three nights after the jump!

Night Six thru Eight arrived, same envelope, yadda, yadda, yadda:
What's this? A letter in Chinese? Oh There is a letter... (TLDR; CAH Used some of the cash and gave all the workers in the Chinese Factory, where CAH Cards are made, the ENTIRE WEEK OFF!) Oh and there are pictures! All of the pictures are what the workers did with their time off and sent along thank you notes on the backs! AWESOME!
Of course another letter was included, this time from Josh's dad on gratitude.

Night seven's letter was from David M's dad (because the M is important!) on culture!
Which led into CAH buying an Original Picaso "Tête de Faune" and allowing us to decide its fate:
Option 1: Chop it up into squares, everyone gets one!
Option 2: Donate it to a museum, how boring!
(can you guess how I voted!)
 Oh yah we also got Jew Pack Two!
BONUS: World Wide Web Pack!!!

The last night's letter was from Max's Dad on ABSOLUTE POWER!
Which is fitting because...
That's right boys and girls I was KING for all of 00:03:00 Minutes! Unfortunately I had completely forgot about this decree, just like night six thru eight, and my reign began and ended in a whimper! Oh well they can't say I was a good or bad king!(but they do have to admit I was KING!)  

You can find out who is currently in power and their, and former kings, decrees here:  

So that's it, finally, on last years CAH promotion Eight Sensible Gifts For Hanukkah!  Be sure to check out the earlier posts here, here, and here...  

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