Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Most Kick Ass DnD Commercial Evaaaaa!

Just recently I posted a pure 80's cheeze DnD comercial and was complaining that I really only see Magic the Gathering comercials or advertisements anymore.  So it was a pure awesome to come across this today:

The most kick ass DnD commercial Ever!!!!!!  

Well kinda.  You see I'm not sure if this is going to be an official WOTC TV Ad for the new DnD Essentials Line which features the "new" Red Box Offering, but a few others have indicated they've seen it on hulu, and it goes hand in hand design wise considering the throwback to the old artwork on the redbox and their DnD bus at PAX decked out in all old skewl artwork.  

With that said, the commercial seems to be adapted (cut and paste?) from a 2006 DnD movie competition winner entitled "D&D World of Adventure.  The tv spot uses all the "old skewl" artwork from the AD&D days and especially from the fiend folio.  The World of Adventure video is a full four minutes long and includes additional artwork, some spelljammer spaciness, and two "live" actors dressed as morlocks/starchildren? which are kind of out of place in the whole scheme of things. The full length video is still rock'n and completely has that 80s throwback, if not just a bit cooler.

I'm sure if this was released during the big controversy of devils and demons of the TSR days it would've thrown the Christian right extremists into a full on tisy! hehe.

D&D World of Adventure

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